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What is your intended application(s) for the turnstile?
  Office Use   Retail Outlet
  Bank / Building Society   Railway Station / Building
  Exhibition Centre / Conference Venue   Airport
  Hotel   Other: please specify:

Do you have an existing control/access system?
  Yes, I have a system in place which can work with new products
  Yes, but I would like information about other systems which may work better with new products
  No, I'm looking for a new access system

What kind of access control system would you be interested in installing?
  Biometric reader   Digital Keypad
  Swipe / Magnetic card reader   Manual
  Push button

What products are you interested in purchasing?

Compact Tripods
  TTR-04.1 Indoor Compact Tripod   TTR-04W-24 Outdoor Compact Tripod
  T-5 Light Indoor Compact Tripod

Box Tripods
  TTD-03.1 Indoor Box Tripod   TTD-03.2 Indoor Box Tripod

  RTD-03S Waist High Rotor   RTD-15 Full Height Rotor

Security Gates
  WHD-15 Security Gate

Would you be interested in any of these accessories?
  Readers   Alarms / Detectors
  Backup Power Supply   Access Control System

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