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Railing Systems

Railing Systems

We manufacture railing systems that match and easily integrate with all our entrance products, be they turnstiles or wicket gates. More than 30 types of elements and standard modules allow for the formation of passageways of any required configuration.

The railing systems are available in a variety of versions and colour options to suit almost any environment.

The special reader brackets allow easy surface mounting of any types of readers. Tinted or plate glass with engraving to order can be used as decorative filler panels.

An attractive solution at a very competitive price, our railings are also simple to mount on solid concrete floors. Only anchor fixtures are needed to bolt the railings directly to the floor.

The hinged anti-panic sections of rotary type are purpose designed to provide unobstructed and fast escape routes in emergency cases.

Ideal for such applications as offices, museums, exhibition centres, leisure facilities, administrative buildings, banks, sport and entertainment facilities, retail outlets, airports, railway and transport terminals, industrial facilities, etc.

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