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TTD-08A Box tripod turnstile for outdoor use with automatic anti- panic function

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TTD-08A Box tripod turnstile for outdoor use with automatic anti- panic function


TTD-08А box tripod turnstile for outdoor use without shelter is designed in a modern style and provides a secure, elegant and modern-looking solution for outdoor and indoor applications. The models offer a state-of-the-art solution for entrance points of banks, administrative buildings, business centres and other sites with high requirements or design and comfort.

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Features and Benefits
Delivery set
Turnstile with built-in electronics
Automatic anti-panic folding arms
RC panel

  • Modern stainless steel performance

  • LED indication on the front panels and top cover

  • Places for concealed mounting of proxomity card readers in the turnstile housing with special LED pictogram indication

  • Automatic anti-panic function

  • Outdoor operation without shelter with the temperature range from -20°С to + 45°С (from -20 °C to +55°C under the shelter)

The box turnstile features radio-transparent top covers made of ABS-plastic for concealed mounting of proximity card readers inside the housing. The card reader operating zones on each side of the top cover are indicated with special pictograms. The top covers are also completed with pictorial screens, indicating turnstile operation modes.
Turnstile has a comfortable passage zone width (560 mm). Automatic “Anti-panic” barrier arms enable immediate clear of the passage for urgent evacuation of people in emergency case. Emergency unblocking of the turnstile is performed by input of the Fire Alarm signal to the turnstile or in emergency power failure. At that the barrier arm automatically falls down ensuring free passage.
When power supply is restored or Fire Alarm signal is removed, the arm shall be manually set into operating position.
TTD-08А box turnstile is made of stainless steel which provides not only elegant design, but also resistance to corrosion when used outdoors.
Power supply board is placed in the turnstile housing and provides a full set of the turnstile control modes. Board allows an emergency passage opening on fire alarm signal (input Fire Alarm) and has inputs for connection of intrusion detector with siren and inputs for connection of remote indicators.
To ensure fast and convenient passage it is recommended to install one turnstile per 500 people working the same shift, and on the basis of maximum working load 30 persons/min.
Turnstiles can also be completed with railings, produced in the same design.

Turnstile Housing n/a
Operating Modes n/a
Key Override Yes
Function n/a
Drive n/a
Operational Voltage 12v DC
Throughput Rate Single Person Mode: 30 persons/min. Free passage mode: 60 persons/min
Temperature Range -20°C to +55°C (under shelter)
Passage Width 560 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1166x750x1016
Power consumption Max 72W
Mean time to failure min 1500000 passages
Mean lifetime 8 years
Remote control panel image
Remote Control Panel
Automatic anti-panic function
Automatic anti-panic function
Operation mode and passage direction indication
Operation mode and passage direction indication
Places for concealed mounting of proximity card readers
Places for concealed mounting of proximity card readers

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